Waking Upfrom meditation to foreign policy
Melting Asphaltlong-form essays, often ambiguous open endings
The Alchemisthero's journey, short and quotable classic
Bret Victorlofty futurist ideas and computer utopia
Siddharthajourney of life, adventure, growth
Conversations with Tylereconomics from many angles
Happy Cityhow we build our cities matters
Surely You're Jokingfascinating person and life, lots of good stories
Come Back Frayedtravel as a way to expand perspective
Antifragilebetter understand a world we can't understand
Sex at Dawnlots of interesting history and ideas around a controversial topic
The Elephant in the Braindeception to ourselves and others, layered complex motives
Dan Wangthoughtful writing, technology and culture
Black Swanthe whole incerto series is worth the read
Slate Star Codexlove his style of intellectual openness
Stratecherythe only tech analysis I regularly read