Andrew Hoskins

Summary: I'm a software engineer in the day (sometimes at night). I'm interested in many ideas and experiences. I like exploring, learning, and making things. I live in San Francisco right now via Canada.
Work stuff: I work at Affirm.
Other stuff:
  • Fundamentally an optimist, even though it doesn't always appear that way
  • Wandering the streets of a new city is a great way to spend a day
  • City design is deeply important in affecting how you live daily
  • Learning approach is, "throw me into the deep end, and I'll improve over time"
  • Love travel, but bad at learning new language and remembering names or details
  • If feeling tired / unmotivated, getting outside in the sun always helps
  • Cheap street food (where cooking can be seen and smelled) is often the best food
  • A small portion of people do most of the original thinking for society, others follow
  • People should be more aware of cognitive biases
  • We should be more aware of incentive structures
  • Gratitude is underrated, even though it's cliche